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Lund University is based in the city of Lund, close to Malmö (Sweden’s third largest city) in the south of Sweden. This part of Sweden is very close to Copenhagen in Denmark. The main campus buildings of Lund University are located in the centre of Lund and are an approximate 5–10 minutes’ walk from the Lund’s central station.

Palaestra et Odeum is Latin for gymnasium and music hall. Designed by of Helgo Zettervall, the building was completed in 1883. It was used as a gymnasium for students and staff until 1980, when the building was devastated by fire. Today Palaestra houses a modern lecture theatre and rehearsal rooms for students involved in musical activities. Palaestra is situated in Lundagård with the University Main building (1882) and The Kings house which was built in the year 1584, Just a few minutes walk from the Central Station and downtown Lund City.


Rooms at the following hotel are pre-booked and can only be booked via the link below in combination with the specified code. The rooms are reserved up to 30 days before the start of the conference, i.e., until April 24.

Grand Hotel Lund

24–26 May 2023

30 rooms at the Grand Hotel

SEK 2,295 per room
Incl. breakfast buffet with egg chef
Code: 863460

Grand Hotell Lund is situated 250 meters from Lund Central station and 550 meters from the conference venue.

Hotel Lundia

24–26 May 2023

30 rooms at Hotel Lundia

SEK 1,645 per room
Incl. Lundia’s smart breakfast
Code: 1017203

Hotel Lundia is situated 150 meters from Lund Central station and 400 meters from the conference venue.


The proximity to Denmark means that Copenhagen Airport is the closest international airport.
Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup)
Trains run from Copenhagen airport to Lund every 20 minutes. The travel time is around 35–40 minutes. The journey takes you over the Öresund Bridge connecting Denmark to Sweden and via Malmö central station where you may need to change trains. We highly recommend you transit to Lund in this manner, rather than takin a taxi which will be very expensive and more time consuming.

You can purchase a train ticket for the train to Lund either in the Skånetrafiken mobile app or in one of the red ticket machines

Go to Skånetrafiken

For a physical ticket from the machines, you must have a valid credit or debit card.Note: the machines do not accept cash.

  • Ensure that you are using a Skånetrafiken Ticket machine located in the middle of the hall, not a DSB machine located adjacent to the wall.
  • Follow the instructions on the machine to purchase a ticket to Lund C.
  • If you need assistance, you can ask one of the information staff in the area to help you.
  • You can change the language to English in the bottom left corner of the touch screen.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen in order to purchase a ticket from Kastrup airport to Lund C.
  • Select that you want a single ticket for an adult. Select print ticket, rather than connecting to a card.
  • After paying for your ticket when prompted using the card reader, you will receive a printed ticket. Do not throw away or lose this, as it is what you will need to show the conductor on the train if you are asked to present your ticket during the journey.

Please note that there may be a passport control at the first stop (Hyllie) on the Swedish side. Make sure to always bring a valid passport or ID-card when travelling between Denmark and Sweden.

Malmö Airport (Sturup)

The closest local airport to Lund is Malmö Sturup. It has some international flights from destinations within Europe. There are no direct buses connections between Sturup airport and Lund.

You can take a taxi directly to Lund or you can take a bus to Malmö Central Station and then take a train or a bus to Lund.

Getting around in Lund

Most destinations in Lund are within walking distance. if you need help choosing which mode of transport to get around the city feel free to ask a local resident or one of the over 40,000 students who live here. Almost all Swedes speak English and are happy to help you.

Buses, Tramway, rental bikes are available.

Palaestra et Odeum is market with red marker and located next to the University Main Building in the picture below.